Fabrication complete, I need more wood.

Yes, I have finished the first batch. Ye-ha. I am now getting ready for the release party. I sure feel like celebrating, this has been a huge undertaking. The thought of buying another load of wood is daunting and exciting. 

I sat and assembled a batch of Clackamores yesterday with great satisfaction. Adjustability, I have been telling my wife and friends, is a really big deal. Well yesterday I was able to assemble and set up a couple of hundred, a job that would have taken most of a week with the traditional doweled Clackamore. Even more important is that the player can experiment and then set their Clackamore to the perfect action and readjust if and when needed. A traditional Clackamore can be adjusted by trimming the hammer if its to tight or adding a rubber band if the action is to loose. A tiny turn with a screwdriver is so much better. You all are going to love the difference this adjustment makes in your playing. 

The tone of these Clackamore is sharp and loud. They are going to do well at cutting through the mix. The tonal range is fairly flat, without too much of a predominate frequency spike. While this is not the bassiest Clackamore I have ever built it has good range and really excels in the mid and tenor frequencies. Even with the action set for very fast playing the instrument is louder than many of its predecessors. 

I am off to all the other tasks I keep discovering are required in order to sell my little instrument. Taking credit cards, building webpages, writing this blog and I had better see if the hard maple is in. Im missing my shop already.