Welcome to ClackChat

My name is Wayland Harman. I'm the guy that invented and then patented the musical device I call a Clackamore. Perhaps you have seen one played, small wooden spoon being held up to the players mouth and being tapped upon with fingers. There is a good chance you have heard one played in some song on the radio over the last 20 years. While only a few thousand Clackamores were produced during this time, some of them have found there way onto recordings. There is for instance a version of "Radiate" by Jack Johnson that features the Clackamore throughout the song. Many other snippets of Clackamore can be heard and I still get a thrill when I hear one. 

I have redesigned the Clackamore bit by bit through the years since I last made an effort to mass produce them. During this time I have made small batches of my professional model and for a couple of years produced "Clackamore Jr".  Professional models are from the traditional design which uses a dowel for the reed. The Jr. explored using a flat piece for the reed and that change continues with the Clackamore adjustable. With the addition of an adjustment screw this new Clackamore can be set up to give the player lightning fast playing. For the first time individuals can try an overly tight action which is too easy to tap and not very loud. By loosening the screw they can feel what too open an action feels like. This takes a strong hit and delivers the loudest clack. The distance between these two extremes is about 1 full turn of the screw. Zeroing in on your perfect sweet spot will ultimately come down to some very tiny adjustments. Play around until you find what feels and sounds best to you. 

I have great hopes for this new Clackamore. One of those is to offer kits which any child (with adult supervision) can assemble. This would be a great group project for schools, scouting, etc. I know from personal experience, playing an instrument that my hands built brings an elevated satisfaction to the music I create. Clackamores can be a starting point for both music and woodworking. 

Thank you for stoping by. I hope you will come back and tell us about your experiences with the Clackamore. Wayland